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GPS Tracking

OneSource through its subsidiary company GPSMEA – Provides industry leading Asset Tracking solutions. 

GPSMEA has extensive experience in the field of applied telematics, the development of custom software for industrial processes and telecommunications. We are a specialist company in taking advantage of GPS technology, radio frequency, and GSM / GSM communications by translating them into local mapping and web environments as possible to offer our customers innovative solutions in the areas of vehicle tracking, attendance and location of personnel or any mobile asset.

CCTV Surveillance

Security Cameras are a critical part of any integrated security system. Whether you are a school wanting to provide piece of mind to parents and students, a business owner wishing to prevent theft and protect your bottom line or a hospital wishing to provide safety and privacy of a patient, security camera systems can do just that. 

OneSource provides complete identification and Consultancy, and Installation and Configuration Services through its subsidiary company CCTVMEA. 

Vessel Tracking

Based in Kuwait, VMSMEA – another subsidiary of OneSource – excels in providing comprehensive and accurate Vessel Tracking services to a wide range of maritime industries. 

Our tracking system provides services with high integrity and accuracy, to keep track of vessel movements, equipped with high-end technology that has fundamentally changed the scope for maritime tracking and traffic management. Our vessel tracking systems provide real time information and reports about the fleet enabling the business to manage its resources more effectively.

Software Development

ONESOURCE Packaged application portfolio includes the entire gamut of services right from package evaluation, selection, implementation, post-implementation support and development, version upgrades and Master Data Management services. We have deep expertise in related solution areas such as Customer Relationship Management, Mobile Application Development, Web Design and Development, Workflow Automation System, Enterprise Integration, Business Intelligence and much more.


We specialize in lightweight and easy to handle electric bikes which are perfectly designed for modern needs. Ebikeskw is a community under OneSource where we all come together to solve the biggest problem faced by human race i.e., Global Warming, by providing emission-free mode of transportation which also has physical and health benefits. 

At Ebikeskw, we thrive for your satisfaction by delivering best quality products. With an aim to provide & gradually increase eco-friendly mobility all-around the globe, we are proud dealers of electric bicycles to provide you a fun, comfortable and healthy means of day-to-day travel.

GSM Booster

OneSource brings to you a GSM, 3G, 4G and 5G network booster that can prove to be an efficient solution for weak signals within your home or office. The European manufactured products ensure high quality service with 3 years of guarantee. Our technology is exclusively designed to perfectly blend in any environment like ships, car, truck, fleet, open areas, tunnels, mines as well as your office building and home.

Home Automation Solution

Remotely control multiple room systems. Based on Internet of Things with real time collection and exchange of data, OneSource provides home automation system which allows you to monitor and/or control home attributes such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It also includes home security such as access control and alarm systems.

Control energy consumption and increase savings by connecting your appliances to our Home Automation System which provides centralized control that can act on its own or be programmed manually. 

Point of Sale

For every requirement, for every environment, OneSource has a comprehensive range of affordable POS terminals to meet your needs. Every product is fully supported, from our compact all-in-one Touch Terminal to our high-power dual-screen Touch POS Terminals, and our modular PC POS system. OneSource’ expert engineers constantly integrate new technologies, whilst maintaining open-architecture compatibility and our reliability. 

We also offer Mobile solutions to streamline and improve the process. It includes a small and affordable ordering tablet, compact handheld all-in-one POS units, etc. 

Q80 Store

This is OneSource’s venture into the ecommerce segment, having successfully initiated an offline model which has been working well in the market over a period of time. Considering the booming ecom business OneSource has ventured into the online business and this being our youngest product in the bouquet of products and services we have to offer.


In partnership with Parkeon, OneSource provides end to end ticketing solutions for independent bus and coach operators. Our systems support mass transit schemes which are ideal for point-of-sale applications, easy to use and comes with a very long lifespan guarantee. Optimise efficiency through automatic fare collection platforms which provide quick and easy boarding for a better travel experience. 

Money Sanitizer

 Bills made of paper and fibre have the ideal environment for growth of microorganism. With the recent spread of the Corona Virus along with MERS, Ebola, New flu, food poisoning, general germs etc. which has spread throughout the world, the worldwide need for money (bills, coins) sterilization is rising. 

The Plasma Money Sterilizer is the World’s first Open Bill Money Sterilization Solution, sterilizing and disinfecting money (bills, coins) transmitting germs or bacteria while counting bills. It can be used for banks, post offices, large shopping malls, markets or all cash transaction places.

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Whether you are looking at Improved Security, Asset Management, Eco-friendly Commute, GPS Solutions, and other IT services, or just want to upgrade your lifestyle, OneSource can provide the expertise to serve you exactly what you need…

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