For every requirement, for every environment, OneOurce has a comprehensive range of affordable POS terminals to meet the needs of you, our clients. Every product is fully supported, from our compact all-in-one Touch Terminal to our flagship or high power dual-screen Touch POS Terminals, and our modular PC POS system. OneSource’ expert engineers constantly integrate new technologies, whilst maintaining open-architecture compatibility and our reliability. This ensures that any terminal selected will serve your business and clients - now and into the future.



Reliability and compatibility are the cornerstones of OneSource’s extensive range of POS peripherals. OneSource provides all the peripherals to complete the hardware requirements for any POS or customer service system. Peripherals that we can provide to you include receipt printers (both mobile and fixed location), VFD customer displays, cash drawers, programmable keyboards, and service caller systems. Although fully compatible with many systems, our peripherals are perfectly matched to our POS terminals or mobile solutions giving you the simplicity of a one-stop-shop with the advantage of a single contact point for full support.



Our mobile solutions open up a whole new range of possibilities for any system you create. Imagine the potential of liberating transactions and service from being tied to a fixed location. Whatever your application what have a mobile solution to streamline and improve the process. The mobile product range includes a small and affordable ordering tablet, compact handheld all-in-one POS units, large screen mobile all-in-one POS units, and a highly flexible multi-role tablet PC.