GPS Tracking

OneSource specializes in automated systems for remote tracking, monitoring and management of fleets of vehicles, containers and people. The company provides complete solutions for real-time GPS fleet management and vehicle security applications using an online application.

OneSource's real- time GPS tracking systems provide real time information and reports about the fleet enabling the business to manage its resources more effectively, leading to potential savings in fleet running costs, increases in productivity and improved customer service.

Asset Tracking/Monitoring

More accurately at One Source we provide complete Telematics Solutions. Right from asset control to driving behavior and most important to provide complete information of vehicle statistics and safety.

Our Software is completely independent and integrated to more than 450 different hardware providers worldwide. This gives our clients an opportunity to choose any hardware suitable to their needs and feature request.

Realtime and completely web enabled interface help customer to be in control and contact with their assets from any place and any time.



At One Source we offer complete monitoring solutions. Extending the reach and control for assets moving outside GSM areas we provide Hybrid Dual mode solutions. Combination of GSM + Satellite modems gives customers the tool to monitor their assets last mile beyond the GSM coverage with global reach and connectivity.